Jackson Hole Area Repeater Procedures

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Area Repeaters

TARRA Repeater 146.73 MHz minus 600 KHz offset with a 123 Hertz PL Tone.

Only the English language is to be used.

NO kerchunking!!! If you want to see if you are getting into the repeater, then just give your identification. By FCC Regulations you are required to give identification at the end of ALL transmissions, and this means all.

Identify as required, at least every ten minutes and at the end of your conversation. It is also a good idea to identify near the beginning of your conversation as well. It is a good idea to get in the habit of identifying your station every time the repeater identifies.

Do not use any DTMF tones other than those approved.

This is a voice repeater, only to be used for voice transmissions, other than approved DTMF tones.

Operating in a net does not excuse you from identifying your station. Either identify at the end of your comment or if need be, after the net. If you aren’t able to get your identification in during the net, then after the net, just say something like “W7CAT for ID”.

If possible, do not transmit over the repeater identification.

When giving your identification at the end of a conversation, keep it simple for everyone; just give your legal required station identification and no one else’s identification.

Quiet time. Remember that quiet time is from 10:00 PM until 8:00 AM. Emergency traffic only during these hours. If you are having a conversation with someone as it gets close to 10:00 PM doesn’t mean you have to just stop. Just try to finish up soon. The same if you need to call someone before 8:00 AM, just keep it short as possible.

Please NO Q signals. They are not appropriate for voice communications.

When having a conversation, periodically allow space if someone else wants to join the conversation or needs to use the repeater.

When calling someone, give their call sign and yours, something like “K7JAC this is W7CAT”. Then wait a few seconds and then call the same way again. After a few more seconds, if there is no answer then say something to clear, such as “Nothing Heard W7CAT” or “No Contact W7CAT”.

No breaking calls! This is something that I have very little tolerance for. For example, if I am calling “K7JAC this is W7CAT” if you are not K7JAC, then DO NOT ANSWER. After I have called twice and haven’t heard anything, then I will say something like “nothing heard W7CAT” or “no contact W7CAT”. After that go ahead and call W7CAT.

For some of us who scan with our radios, a long call may work better. For example, key up your radio for a few seconds and then call the station you are trying contact. This gives a chance for the radio to lock on the frequency before you call.

NO transmitting on the repeater output frequencies. This is also against the band plan.

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